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Brochure Design Examples

If you want a brochure that attracts attention and makes your business look professional and approachable, call us. We’ll brainstorm ideas, create concepts and develop a look and feel that elicits excitement from your clients and prospects.

We create all types of brochures. From simplistic trifolds and 4-page folders to complex die cuts and unique finishings. We’ll review your goals, propose formats and help you with your cost-planning. Once you’ve decided on the type of brochure you want and the budget, we’ll create concepts for your review. Need changes and updates to our concepts? No problem. We’ll work on the design until you’re satisfied. Check out our brochure design examples by scrolling below.

Brochure Design Examples

Fun, Wild, Colorful Brochures

American Adventure Expeditions

Want some action in your brochure design? We created this brochure to communicate fun to adventure seekers. Die cut for an extra level of interest, but only slightly higher in cost than a typical brochure.

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unique brochure design

Nonprofit Multi-panel Brochure

Nonprofit, Multi-panel Brochure

An Engaging Brochure for a Nonprofit Whose Business is Beautifying Riverfronts

This brochure was designed to show property owners how to transform their riverfront property into a destination. It also communicates information about the many succesful riverfront projects in Pittsburgh, PA. Illustrations were custom-created by Direct Axis.

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brochure design video

Industrial Brochures

Industrial Brochures

Manufacturing isn’t boring to us – it’s active and vibrant!

Dispel the myth that manufacturing is dull and boring – use clean imagery and well-thought-out text to get the attention of your buyers. The 4-panel brochure shown was designed for a machine shop that produces top-of-the-line gears and replacement parts. The high quality brochure implies that the manufacturer is high quality too.

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Industrial BrochuresIndustrial Brochures

Catering and Wedding Venue Brochures

Matching Brochures for Catering and Event Venues

Your prospective customers will be licking their lips and choosing your venue when they are presented with a brochure that shows off your best assets. Fickle brides will be impressed and move to a purchase decision. Use a brochure design that attracts them and convinces them that you’re the right supplier for them.

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Davis & Elkins College Interview Book

College View Books

Davis & Elkins College Brochure

One of many ways colleges attract students… we design view books to show off campus life, majors offered and other details about the college.

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Araujo Photography Brochure

Photography Brochure

Araujo Photography Brochure

Clean and contemporary describes this wedding brochure, designed for Araujo Photography. Pittsburgh weatherman, Jeff Verszyla, and news anchor, Gordon Leish, are featured weddings.

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SPT Brochure

Heavy Industry Brochure Design Examples

SPT Brochure Design

SPT, an international oil shipping company, engaged our services to find ways to show off their capabilities. Contrasting blue and orange colors are boldly used as a way to communicate the strength and forward-thinking of the company’s culture.

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WVU Corp Ad

Corporate Brochures

West Virginia University

A “corporate brochure” for a college. Leadership and technology are the main focus of this brochure, which is designed to attract business investment and collaboration with the university.

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PTC Alliance Brochure

Industrial Brochures

PTCAlliance – The New Age of Steel

Sales managers at manufacturing companies hire us to “bring their manufacturing plant to life.” We photograph facilities, write copy, and create imagery that enhances their image and sells their products.

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rapidigm Brochure

Technology Brochures

Well-thought-out graphic design is used to implant a message in the recipient”s mind. When a brochure looks like it represents high technology, the recipient gets the message that the company must be a high technology company.

Your brochure can be energetic and colorful, serious and safe, strong and enduring – we”ll create an image that your prospects will notice and respond to. Let us know if there are brochure design examples that stand out to you and your companies preferences.

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