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College Brochure Designs

If you’re looking for ideas to help you create the perfect college brochure, you’ve come to the right place. Direct Axis’ graphic designers create college brochure designs with rich and vibrant colors; strong and relevant visuals; and compelling and response-driven copy.

The college brochure designs shown range from search books and view books, through sports media guides and marketing catalogs for the education industry. Also shown are examples of self-mailers, event programs and campus guide books.

Our professional graphic designers will work with you to accentuate your unique attributes and add life to your activities, majors, student living, and sports. We’ll design pages that layout your information in easy-to-read segments that keep readers interested.

More than just graphic design, we offer planning, budgeting, copy writing, print production, and distribution via online or direct mail channels.

College Brochure Designs

Pitt Athletics Strategic Plan

A 5-Year Plan for Growth

The University of Pittsburgh’s Athletic Department needed a way to communicate their 5-year Strategic Plan. The oversized book (11” x 11”) contains glorious images of Pitt’s athletes juxtaposed with strategies, objectives and plans for the next 5 years. A digital version complimented the print media, which has a laminated soft touch cover. It’s silky and beautiful.

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WVU Brochure design

West Virginia University Business School Brochures

A Series of 4 Brochures

WVU hired us to create a 4-part series of brochures to highlight their Master of Science programs in Finance, Accountancy, Business (MBA) and Industrial Relations. Each brochure is a full-color 8-panel gatefold on silk stock.

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Pittsburgh Technical College Interview Book

Pittsburgh Technical College

Student Interview Book

PTCollege, Formerly Pittsburgh Technical Insitute, asked us to design their new student interview book. The college book includes 56 pages plus tabs and a pocket on the inside back cover. In addition, we created 11 other 4, 8 or 12-page inserts that describe each of the College’s major programs.

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View Books that Capture the Attention of Prospective Students

Davis & Elkins College View Book

Capture the Attention of Prospective Students

When we designed Davis & Elkins’ over-sized view book we added a soft-touch coating. The feeling of the book immediately signals the holder that something is different about the college. Compelling images and fun statistics are used to move readers through the spreads.

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Pitt's Community Involvement Playbook

Pitt’s Community Involvement Playbook

“Off the Field Playbook”

The University of Pittsburgh engaged our design services to create a book that showed off their student athletes’ community service. The resulting 32-page catalog is loaded with activities from visits to Children’s Hospital through Breast Cancer Awareness events and tree planting in low-income neighborhoods.

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College Brochure Designs

Sports Media Guides

University of Pittsburgh Athletics Brochures

Attract prospective college students with sports media guides that show off the exciting experiences available to student athletes. We can capture new photography or use your existing sports images to create brochures that beg for your student audience’s attention. We created 10 brochures for Pitt, 2 samples are shown left.

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College Brochure Designs

Event Mailers

Davis & Elkins College – Homecoming Invitation

Looking to create a buzz about your event, but on a tight budget? Use a self-mailer brochure to communicate to your alumni and supporters. The lower-cost format immediately displays your message on the outer panel and includes a registration form and built-in reply envelope in one handy mailer.

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Freedom Way College Brochure

High School Brochures Too!

Brochures for Parents

Parents need to feel comfortable that their children are getting the best education possible. We engage creative solutions to craft messages that speak of innovation, inspiration, responsibility and support.

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Davis & Elkins College Brochure

College Campus Maps

Illustrated Bird’s-Eye Views

Set your college campus apart by saying goodbye to the over-used online maps. Our one-of-a-kind illustrated maps give your campus unique character. They focus on buildings and green space while they eliminate useless details that distract the viewer.

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College Financial Aid Brochure

College Brochure Designs: Financial Aid

Inform students on the various programs and potential pitfalls of educational loans with a financial aid brochure.

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