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Here’s How We Work to Create a Professional Web Design for your Business

Direct Axis creates web sites that look great and improve your online presence. We follow a process that insures that we understand your business goals. We then incorporate your goals and ideas into a website design that you’ll be proud to show to your prospects and customers. Will it be both a great looking website design and functional? Of course, we don’t develop websites for looks alone – we use great website design to make your site easy to navigate and intuitive for your users.

1. We start with the overall structure

After discussion with you, we begin with wire frames (simple charts and graphs that show how your website will function, how the pages will link and how your navigation works).

2. We design your website home page

It all starts with the home page. Visitors need to know immediately what your business is about and they need to see what else is available on your site. We design your home page to make it easy for visitors to understand your business’ offering. We don’t waste precious web page space on useless fluff or animations that annoy your website visitors.

One of our talented web designers will give you a link to your home page idea so you can review the look, the navigation style and the basic functionality before we spend time on the back-end programming. You can review every aspect of your web design and make as many changes as you want. We want you to be satisfied.

3. We’re Inspired

We have years of experience with many business types and we’re truly interested in each client we serve. We’ll look into your competitors website to see what works and doesn’t and we search for design inspiration from other industries to make sure you get a fresh look.

4. We’ll create your interior web page design

Once you’re happy with your home page, we create several interior web pages that match the branded look of your site. Again, you are involved in the process and you can edit, add comments, and make the changes you need.

5. We use best-practices to make sure your site can be searched by Google and other search sites

We understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and we engage the legitimate, Google-approved techniques to make your site easy for search engines to find.

6. WE DON’T…

create web designs that are distracting. We won’t use black backgrounds or go crazy with "cool" Photoshop filters that overwhelm the content of your website design. We don’t like canned music or silly fonts that are hard to read. You can rely on us to give you a sophisticated, professional look.

Design is functionality…

Many people confuse good design with a lack of functionality (probably because there are too many "designers" who miss the point of quality web design). We know that good web site design improves functionality. The design of your web site is used to direct visitors, visually. When you have quality website design, your visitors feel comfortable and they also feel like they understand how to navigate your site to the information they need – it’s the design that makes a website intuitive.

7. You’ll get attention when we change your image

Our clients generally know that they are going to have a nice, clean website when we’re done with their web design project, but many are surprised at exactly how they feel once it’s released to the public. Businesses get a renewed sense of their company value, they initiate more active ways to acquire customers and they have a good reason to call on more prospects when they’re proud to tell the prospect to check out their website.

We look forward to being your website designers, call 1.800.849.3056 today to talk over your ideas. Or email us at We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.