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Nonprofit Direct Mail Examples

Are you looking for new ways to insure that your direct mail campaigns get higher returns and more buzz? Engage our services to create a campaign that compels your constituency to take notice and donate. Below are many examples of nonprofit direct mail campaigns we’ve created.

Our nonprofit direct mail services:

  • We brainstorm your options and create concepts to fit your needs.
  • We develop budgets based on quantities, lists and known response rates.
  • We develop warm and fuzzy graphics that prospective donors respond to – they can’t resist.
  • We organize your lists and donor attributes into categories that make sense and which are geared to increase response.
  • We work as an agency to find the best printer and lettershop to handle your job.
  • We create efficient campaigns that save valuable assets.

nonprofit direct mail

Nonprofit Direct Mail Fundraisers

Letter & Brochure Package

The example shown was designed with 4 pieces – a full-color outer envelope, a personalized letter with donor gift strings, a brochure and a return envelope.

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direct mail video

Fundraiser Event Invitation Design

Fundraising Event Invitations

Riverlife Party at the Pier

Planning an important event? Choose us to create an invitaion that captures the attention of your donors and compels them to attend. The image shown includes the design of the card, full color outer envelope and the logo. We also manage all of the production and mailing.

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fundraiser event invitation design video

Letter Package Mailer

Letterhead with Tear-Off Donor Campaigns

Various Gift Strings for Unique Audiences

We created this letter package for Saving Grace, a nonprofit shelter that offers comprehensive family violence and sexual assault services. Included in the mailing were several segments: previous donors, nondonors, and 2 purchased lists. Each segment’s letter copy and gift strings varied. Shown are the 8.5″ x 14″ letterhead with tear-off coupon, full-color #10 envelope and trifold brochure. The package also included a #9 return envelope.

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Animal Friends Nonprofit Brochure

Letter Packages in Large Envelopes

Animal Friends’ Holiday Mailer

Donor campaigns rely on well-told stories that demonstrate the value of the nonprofit organization. Readers become donors when a the story creates an emotional attachment. In the example shown, Animal Friends tells how they rescued a starving and abused dog, then brought her back to health and a happy new life in an adopting home.

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Animal Friends Nonprofit Brochure

An A-7 Donor Campaign

A Fundraiser for Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels hired us to create a donor campaign soliciting new donors. The mail package shown includes an A-7 outer envelope, a greeting-card-styled insert with facts about the number of individuals who benefit from meals, a reply card and reply envelope.

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Animal Friends Nonprofit Brochure

Test Your Theme Ideas

Create 2 unique mailers with varying themes and keep track of results

We created 2 unique mailers (shown), one based on individual stories and one based on our client’s research studies. Each package was mailed to equal quantities of homogeneous lists at the same time. Results were measured to determine which theme worked best. Subsequent package design will engage the data to enhance returns the next time the package is mailed to a larger list.

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Davis & Elkins Donor Mailing

Letter-sized solicitation mailers

A “Day of Giving” donor mailing

Davis & Elkins College hired us to create this first-ever Day of Giving package. The package included a personalized #10 business envelope, personalized letter, full-color reply form and reply envelope. Our role included writing, design, printing and mailing services.

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Neighbors Nonprofit Brochure

Magazine Design

World Neighbors Donor Relations Magazine

We recreated the look and size of World Neighbors’ fundraising magazine. The magazine lets donors and prospects know about the difference they make in the lives of women and children in poverty. Through donations, World Neighbors helps poor nations build drinkable water solutions, develop farmland and raise healthy farm animals.

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Womens Edge Nonprofit Brochure

Greeting Card-styled Donor Campaign

Women Thrive Worldwide

A nonprofit agency located in Washington, DC, hired us to design the mailer shown left. Graphics depict an old-world look and support the copy visually. Funds acquired form donors are used to aid women in poverty by helping them become responsible for themselves.

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Elgin Nonprofit Brochure

Annual Mailer Letter Example

Egin Academy – Raising Money to Support their Private School

Several versions of a fundraising letter were used in a multi-segmented campaign. Each recipient of a letter received a version that was specific to them. Variables included donor levels, relationship to the student, alumni status and others.

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brac Nonprofit Brochure

2-Way Test Example

Try 2 mailers to find the answer to your donor needs

One of the most successful mailers, based on their very low overhead cost, BRAC USA hired us to create a 2-way test mailer. We split a supplied list into 2 like-type segments and mailed uniquely designed mailers to each segment. One segment included an emotional appeal, the other reported impressive statistics on the successful business of fundraising.

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Shades Nonprofit Brochure

Self-Mailer Example

A Guide to Skin Cancer Detection

Who says you have to hide in the dark to avoid skin cancer? This guide tells users how to use sun screen and how to identify and detect early skin cancers.

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WVU Nonprofit Brochure

Event Invitation Example

West Virginia University’s Capital Campaign Kick-off Mailer

If you have an event, make it stand out by communicating it with an aggressively designed invitation. Using quality designers to make your ideas come to life sets the tone for your event. In contrast, if you accept just any design, your event will lack interest and will actually act as a hurdle to convincing your prospects to come to your event.

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Animal Friends Nonprofit Brochure

Silly, Fun, Mailer Example

Cute Stuff Conquers All

Here’s an example where being fun and cute tugs at the heart-strings of the recipient. The lettering on this mailer combines line art and a hand-written style that ties images to content.

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