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Direct Axis is a Winner of Constant Contact’s All Star Award for Email Marketing

The award is given to Constant Contact partners using these criteria: level of email campaigns, open and bounce rates, use of mail list sign-up tools, and use of reporting tools.

Using Constant Contact, we create and send targeted, professional email newsletters and promotions, new product announcements, event invitations, sales promotions, fundraising campaigns, and news releases.

In most cases, Direct Axis creates your initial email template, prepares your list, and puts email sign-up forms on your website. Once we’ve created your initial campaign, you can easily do it yourself.

Constant Contact All Star Award Winner

  • Benefits
  • Create and send great-looking email
    newsletters and promotions quickly
  • Save time and money vs. the cost
    of printing and mailing
  • Instantly know the Open Rates
    and Click Through Rates of your email
  • Build your list by collecting
    your web site visitor emails and interests
  • Features
  • Unsubscribe feature automatically
    included on every email
  • HTML and text formats

A few samples of email marketing campaigns:

Constant Contact Email Marketing Example for Duke Ellington Festival

Reach your audience for less than 10% of the cost of direct mail marketing!

Email marketing is far lower in cost than direct mail. Compare the cost of sending 4 direct mail campaigns in one year vs. 4 email campaigns to 5,000 people:

Direct Mail:

  • Design costs $2,000
  • Print a letter, brochure, outer & reply envelopes – 4 campaigns of 5,000 pieces each, total 20,000 pieces $12,000
  • Lettershop – personalized mailing, sorting and delivery to the post office – $1,600
  • Postage, 20,000 pieces @.27 each, total $5,400
  • Total Direct Mail cost = $21,000

Email Marketing

  • Initial campaign set-up fees, including an initial template design – $1,250
  • Cost of Constant Contact yearly fee @ 5,000 names and addresses – $420
  • 3 Additional campaign design fees – $300
  • Total cost Only $1,970

Combine email marketing with print and web marketing for maximum effectiveness

Reach your audience in numerous ways. Some of your audience will respond to direct mail, others will only look at your email or website. Direct Axis creates solutions for that reach your audience at the lowest cost and highest response rates.

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