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Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns and Examples

Thoughtful. Engaging. Response-driven.

If you dream of creating direct mail marketing campaigns that represent your business so well that the recipients of your mailings can’t help but respond, call us. Our professional writers and graphic designers will present your message, your product or your mission in a way that compels people to take action.

We’ll make a difference in your returns. By understanding your target audience, we craft messages that engage and we design graphics that demand attention.

Use direct mail to raise money, promote new products, increase sales and/or drive prospects to your website. From postcards with QR codes to multi-component mailers, we create direct mail pieces that spark the interest of the recipient. We create:

Take a look at our samples of direct mail through this page. And call us to talk about your campaign!

Direct Mail Marketing

Full-Color Mailers with Loving Messages

Donor acquisition mailer

The donor campaign shown was developed for Animal Friends. The design was created to embody the loving relationship between animals and their owners. Included in a full-color outer envelope was a letter with a tear-off reply, a full color brochure and a reply envelope.

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Fundraising Letter Package

Full color, 2-sided, personalized letter

After conducting numerous interviews with stakeholders, we wrote and designed this personalized letter package for the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario. Personalization was included in multiple locations: the headline area, salutation, the body of the letter and the donation form.

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High End Donor Solicitation package

For donors over $1,000

Need to impress the top-level donors on your list? The campaign shown was designed with pearlized paper stocks and a die cut folder to distinguish the sending organization as a quality provider of services.

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Womens Edge Direct Mail Piece

Letter-style Mailers

Women’s Edge Coalition Fundraiser

For non-profits, the goal is bringing in the dollars and elevating awareness. The example direct mail package shown includes a letter with tear-off response device, large outer envelope and postcards that the recipient can use to help spread the word.

The campaign was created efficiently to keep costs low and to get it into the mail stream as quickly as possible.

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See International Direct Mail Piece

Invitation-style Mailers

SEE International – Give the Gift of Sight Fundraising Campaign

The sample direct mail marketing fundraising example shown used an invitation style to warm-up the recipient. It’s an eye-catching piece, directed precisely at the target audience. It’s warm quality and beautiful design insist that you read on and donate now.

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BRAC Mothers Day Direct Mail Piece

Email and Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Combinations

BRAC Mother’s Day Donor Campaign

Combining direct mail marketing with email marketing lifts response rates and moves donors to web-based donations. People respond in different ways – some want to receive mail, some want to go online. Give your donor base multiple ways to communicate with you and you’ll find them giving more, and more often.

The sample shown includes a mailer on the left and personalized, web-based emails in the center and right.

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Kensington Direct Mail Piece

Postcard Mailers

Postcards are Simple. But so Effective.

With graphics that are impossible to ignore and low cost production, postcards could be the answer to your desire for increased sales. The postcards pictured are 6 x 11″ – large, visible, noticeable. And they mail at the lowest bulk mail rates.

Fast production for times when you need your message out quickly, postcards are efficient and deliver your message immediately – no wasted messages that never get opened.

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Knepper Baby Direct Mail Piece

Sensational Box Mailers

The Mailer that cannot be Ignored!

Opening rate = 100%.

When you have an exciting announcement, major new product or high-value service, choose a box mailer. Response rates for these types of direct mailings will keep your sales force busy writing orders.

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Kensington Direct Mail Piece

Free Gift Packages

Make a Fortune with Free Gifts

Free gifts that arrive as a surprise create intense interest. When followed-up with phone marketing, you’ll result in a winning campaign that’ll make the toughest sales manager smile. The example direct mail package shown was the highest income-generator ever produced for the window manufacturer.

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Infosage Direct Mail Piece

Invitation Box Mailers

“Step Into the Ring With InfoSage”

For an Event that No One Wants to Miss

Create ridiculous interest and buzz by sending an invitation in a box. Your entire event will be uplifted from the first impression that recipients get when they receive a boxed invitation. The excitement will add to the attendees willingness to be sold, donate or take action for your cause.

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