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How to Convert Donors from Direct Mail to Email

Direct mail can be expensive, so marketers are looking for ways to move their direct mail donors to lower-cost email responders. Here are a few tips that can make it easier.

Create all direct mail campaigns as email campaigns

For constituents who have given you an email address, duplicate the mail campaign as an email campaign. Send both campaigns to this group so they get accustomed to the opportunity to donate online.

Add QR codes to all direct mail

This is simple. QR code artwork can be generated online – just google “free QR code” and type in your website donation page url. The resulting QR code can be placed on your direct mail campaign so recipients can easily connect via mobile and notebook devices.

As an added bonus, you can create a specific web landing page that has the same look and feel of your direct mail campaign – and you’ll be able to measure the number of people who arrive.

Give the donor something special for responding online

Provide incentive to donate online. Even low cost freebees can motivate donors to choose the online alternative.

Ask for constituents’ email address – and promise not to share it.

Include the ask for recipients’ email addresses in all communications

No email addresses for your donors? Use a service to match email addresses with your current mail list

Use a portion of your budget to get the email addresses of your donors. There are many database services that can do this service.

For more info about increasing email donors, contact or phone toll-free, 800-849-3056.