Benefits of Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns are used for marketing a product, brand, business establishment or fundraising events. They are effective and successful when applied correctly. They are ideal as a means of testing a niche market to see how respondents react to the campaign.

How to Create a Direct Mail Campaign

Before sending out a direct mail campaign, the target market or niche has to be outlined.  A mailing list has to be developed so that the right people receive and act on the campaign. The list is developed from researching demographics and consumer behavior that campaign managers feel are factors that lead to the greatest number of responses and returns.

Creation of the mailing piece is an important part of the direct mail strategy. The piece must be eye catching and must use the right colors and graphics to convey the message of the campaign. For instance, a business that is trying to notify customers of a sale may choose to use red colors which draw attention and are universally known to mean a sale. The mail piece, whether a postcard, envelope or brochure must be thorough and strong to motivate the recipient into action. A “call to action” is important, otherwise, recipients have less motivation to pay quick attention to the message. Statistics show that 40 percent of a mail piece is attributed to sending it to the right niche, another 40 percent from the value that the piece offers and the 20 percent from the design and writing of the piece.

Coding the mail pieces is a valuable component of successful direct mail strategies. The coding used can identify the month and year as well as the campaign and the offer. Continued tracking of various campaigns shows which offers are the most appealing, which are being received well by recipients, and which offer is struggling for respondents.

Benefits of a Direct Mail Campaign

Sales. Direct mail campaigns are effective ways to stimulate activity and sales. Businesses and fundraisers can create test campaigns to various audiences to measure the response. Successful campaigns can then be rolled out to larger audiences.

Direct mail campaigns allow a business or fundraiser to develop strong relationships with customers as they continuously send more mail pieces with different offers.

With direct mail campaigns, one never runs out of prospects to advertise to and this allows the business or fundraiser to use their imagination to find new niche markets.

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