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A Blog Post About Blogging

A blog is a great tool for turning a static website into a dynamic one and potentially increasing its overall SEO value.

Make sure to place quality over quantity. Some businesses make the mistake of publishing a lot of posts without having anything significant to say. Publish high-quality content that offers value to your readers so that they keep coming back for more.

Give your readers a way to comment. A comment section can create a dialogue between you and your site’s visitors. While positive feedback is great, negative feedback can also be important. It tells you what you’re doing wrong. Or where you can improve.

You’ll have to build your audience as you build your blog. Promote every post you write on your social networks and any where else on the web that makes sense for your brand.

Lastly, make regular updates to your blog. Simply setting up a blog, or only making occasional updates, won’t get the job done. Instead, make sure to publish quality content on a regular basis so that search engines index more and your readers develop a loyalty to your blog.

Update Your Website On the Go

If you have a WordPress site, you can manage it from anywhere with the WordPress mobile app. It can be used to create and edit posts and pages, moderate comments and to upload media.

The mobile app provides an immediate solution for showcasing your business’ services. Use your phone or tablet to take a photo and then post it to your website from the same device. All in real time.

A catering business could benefit from using the WordPress mobile app by documenting an event that they’re hosting and posting about it as the event happens. A construction company could use the app to document their entire process through to completion.

You can install the WordPress app on any Android device from the Google Play store. As well, you can install the app on any Apple device from the Apple App store.

Integrate Your Marketing Solution with Your WordPress Website

If you’re using an online marketing company, like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, you can easily integrate it with your website, giving your audience a very accessible way to sign up for your newsletter or promotions.

Your website may already have a contact form. A contact form provides a great way for your audience to communicate with you. An integrated sign-up form for your online marketing, on the other hand, is a great way for you to communicate with your audience.

The easiest way to add a Constant Contact or Mail Chimp sign up form to your WordPress site is by installing either company’s official WordPress plugin. Just follow the installation notes provided on either plugin’s web page and you’ll be all set to start collecting contacts through your website.

Constant Contact
Mail Chimp

If you want to learn more about integrating Mail Chimp, Constant Contact or another marketing solution with your website, please contact us.

Slide Show: 5 Compelling Tips to Design College Brochures for Powerful Marketing

In order for your marketing efforts to be successful, it is important to work with a plethora of mediums. While internet marketing on its own is a useful resource to attract new customers to your college, it is most effective when used in conjunction with a strategic print marketing campaign. However, direct marketing is no easy feat.

Brochures may provide an effective solution to your print marketing strategy. Aside from helping to establish your college’s credibility, a brochure adds a personal touch while helping potential students to gain a better understanding of your school’s offerings. Additionally, the design of the brochure itself can work to captivate students and spotlight the key selling points of your school.

If you are looking for a college brochure that works to improve visibility and branding while driving responses from potential students and their parents, let the graphic designers at Direct Axis work to create your brochure. With a focus on rich design, strong visuals and compelling copy, our college brochure designs add life to your school’s courses, activities, student living and more. Whether you’re looking for a captivating view book to attract students or an informative sports guide to show off to student athletes, let the experts at Direct Axis create a compelling brochure that is perfect for your needs.

What Your Font Says About Your Brand

When you select a font, there’s an absolute guarantee that you mainly did so based on its aesthetic value. However, there’s also a major psychological effect that goes with such a selection. The font you choose determines how your audience—intended or coincidental—views your brand. Thus, it is important to know the basic font classifications, and what each one is best for:


Serif fonts are named after the extensions—or “handlebars”—at the top and bottom of each letter. Letters with serifs have been used since the Middle Ages, when kings or court officials prepared official documents for correspondence. The serifs give the letters—and, by extension, documents—a formal feel. That’s why serif font is most appropriate and effective for research papers, academic journals, data sheets, legal documentation, press releases, and other forms of formal documentation. Best for more serious subject matter, it conveys a sense of authority; the intended audience is bound to hold your brand in higher regard. Also, serif is very easy to read in print, which is why authors use it for their books. Times New Roman is the most popular serif font; it was the default font of the popular word processor, Microsoft Word, for several years. Other common serif fonts include Georgia, Garamond, and Palatino Linotype.

Sans Serif:

Sans serif—which means “without serif”—came into being during the 19th century with Helvetica. Since then, sans serif has been a popular font for more informal fare, including comics, graphic novels, and blogs and personal websites. That’s because the lack of extensions gives sans serif fonts a more playful, inviting feel. Another benefit is the clean and intuitive reading that they give on the screen. As a result, it is perfect for websites, particularly headlines; and you can use it if you are trying to convey your brand as modern or youth-oriented. The first serif font is Helvetica, and it remains one of the more popular ones. Other notable ones include Arial and Calibri, which is the default font of the most recent Word iterations.


With its flowing, overpowering curves, script fonts are greatly restricted in application. They do not make good body copy, since words and sentences formed with them are hard to read. However, the script category comprises the best type of font for headlines and decorative text. Also, the script font’s high sense of informality and joviality make it ideal for greeting cards and wedding invitations.

To make the most of your message, it is important to remember what role your font plays in delivering that message to your audience. Use fonts to your advantage and contact the designers at Direct Axis for all your print and web design needs. At Direct Axis, our team of writers and designers work closely with you, to not only determine what your message and who your target audience is, but also design with the customer in mind to keep them engaged and drive your conversions. Gain a creative edge for your business and contact the design experts at Direct Axis today!

Infographic: Direct Mail v. Email Marketing Statistics

With the emergence of new technologies, many people have been led to believe that direct mail is a thing of the past, especially when compared to its more technological advanced counterpart, E-Mail. However, when it comes to business marketing direct mail has been found to outperform E-Mail marketing efforts where it matter most, response rates. Whether for its tangible appeal or its easy-to-follow actions, Direct Mail has been leading the way for increased customer responses and overall costs per acquisition.

To truly capitalize on the effects of a direct mail marketing campaign, turn to the creative designers at Direct Axis. From full-color mailers to variable-information postcards, the designers at Direct Axis are able to create captivating and action inducing mailers aimed to improve your marketing efforts. At Direct Axis we not only design your mailers, but we take the time to understand your message and your target audience, crafting messages and designs that both engage and demand attention. Discover what an effective Direct Mail Campaign can do for your business and contact the creative team at Direct Axis today!

Direct Mail v. Email Marketing Statistics

Why Every Business Needs CMS Web Development

When starting a business, one of the first and most important aspects is the company’s website. Usually it is easy to just hire a designer or freelancer off of Craigslist because it is cheaper and most times, hassle free. But what happens when the designer is not available when something goes wrong or worse, your company’s content needs to be updated? It doesn’t make any sense for team members to venture from their designated roles in order to spend excess time on figuring out HTML or CSS. Team members will end up spending their time on things that they are not proficient in causing headaches and stress. In order for businesses to be truly efficient with the virtual part of their business, every company needs to convert their website to a CMS (content management system).

What is a CMS?

A CMS (content management system) is a web application that makes it easy for non-technical users to create, use, and update websites. These web applications usually have an intuitive platform that makes web development happen with just the click of a button. Some common CMS that are popular today are,,, and CMS platforms are popping up more and more frequently as people are finding that these are more useful and beneficial to everyone versus just people who know how to write code.

CMS Web Development

CMS websites allow designers to create strikingly beautiful and professional websites. Once the web design is created, it’s easy for ordinary people to make updates – and to keep the quality look of a well-designed site. Business owners and marketers can then spend time building additional content that will enhance your business and help build your online brand.

Most importantly, anyone on the team can easily update the company’s website with blogs, event listing, rss feeds, image galleries and image management, audio and video, and much, much more! They can even schedule content and save drafts in an editorial calendar. Perhaps on the most popular CMS of all, WordPress, one is able to make accounts for different users, allowing for privacy settings to be in place. CMS web development is quickly becoming the code of the future for small and large business owners alike.

Whether you are starting out on a small budget or an enterprising business on the rise, using a CMS is essential for your growth. Contact the content management web designer professionals of Direct Axis, helping you to create informative websites that improve your brand’s image and identity while giving you the ability to constantly update your site with fresh content.

The Importance of Web Design for Small Businesses

For small businesses, standing out has always been one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. However in recent years the internet has proven to be a powerful ally to small businesses, giving them the same direct-access opportunities of their big time competitors while evening the playing field. With 60% of all retail sales expected to be web influenced by 2017, creative web design and mobile web design are crucial for the success of any business, big or small.

Over 75 million Americans not only shop online, but use the web as a way to find shops and services. With the extreme accessibility of the internet, having a high quality website and attractive web design to represent your business is no longer just a luxury for the few. A website provides potential customers with their first glimpse into your business; make sure to leave a lasting impression with the professional web design services of Direct Axis. At Direct Axis, our designers create eye-catching and compelling websites, helping convert your traffic to customers. Contact us and receive a quote within 24 hours to start improving your business’s brand and identity.

The Importance of Web Design for Small Businesses

3 Reasons Why Your Print Marketing Campaign Is Failing

How often do you audit your marketing campaign? A print marketing campaign needs to have the right elements for it to work effectively. A problem that many companies run into is that their print marketing efforts show very little ROI. Why aren’t customers responding to your print marketing efforts? Perhaps it is the brochure design that is causing a problem, or it is the content that is causing a problem. Here are some common reasons why print marketing is failing.

Direct Mail Isn’t Personal

Are you sending out direct mail to the right people? Direct mail marketing needs to target the right people for you to see a return. The average response rate for direct mail is 4.4%, a considerably higher number than industry expectations. When considering that the response rate of electronic mail is around 0.12%, the numbers clearly show that direct mail works. To make the most of your efforts, you must work on a design that targets the right audience and has the right personal touch. Some companies provide a personalized letter to urge customers to place an order. Others will send out letters including a discount code. Codes are a great way to track which mailers work. A “thank-you” mailer to your customers with the highest orders will give you a great return on investment. Consider other approaches similar to this so you can track your sales.

Boring Business Cards and Mailers

How often do you send out mailers or pass out business cards? You need something that sets your printed materials apart from others. A great way to do this is by using custom die cutting. You can create unique business cards that look differently from others. Some companies will cut business cards to look like a product they sell. Something unique will stand out to the people that receive the business cards. Create mailers and collateral that physically looks like the brand you are focused on promoting. Work with a professional design firm to ensure the design looks appropriate. Die cutting is one of the essential aspects that needs a professional touch to give your company a unique design.

Lack of Modern Updates

When you create an industrial product catalog, you need to make sure you are adding different elements to it like QR codes. This is a great way to show your customers you have more to offer them than what is listed in the catalog alone. It helps to sit down with professional designers to discuss different ways to improve your product catalog and other print marketing materials.

Together with the print marketing professionals at Direct Axis, your business can develop effective direct mail strategies and creative design that helps to effectively represent your business’s image while driving sales. Our team of designers and writers work with your business to better understand your target audience, determining what interests them and producing an end product that compels immediate action. Contact Direct Axis today and turn your print marketing failures into a sales success!

10 Steps to a Successful Fundraiser

There are several fun and interesting ways to help boost your fundraiser campaigns. A successful fundraising campaign is more than a way to acquire donations for your organization, but it also improves your brand authority. Many organizations and events are completely reliant on the success of their fundraising campaign, so we suggest using these tips to help you run a successful fundraising campaign.

Start Before You Need the Money

Never wait until the last minute when it comes to a successful fundraiser. It takes time and effort to set up and manage a proper fundraising campaign.

Connect Online and Offline

One mistake that many fundraising campaigns make is that they focus on one or two campaign methods. Diversify your efforts to see larger and more frequent donations.

Build a Brand

One of the first rules of advertising is to build up your brand. You will want everyone to know that you are seeking donations. If you are raising money for a specific cause, your brand should be easily identifiable. When people think of the cause, they should think of you.

Create a Website for Your Cause

Even if you plan on focusing on car washes and bake sales, creating a simple website that allows for online donations can give you a big boost. Plus, you will have a space to advertise any offline events you are hosting.

Embrace Social Media

Not only should your fundraiser and cause have dedicated social media accounts, you should discuss the importance of sharing with your group. The more people sharing your message, the faster it will spread.

Create a Mailing List

Having colorful mailers sent to the homes of people who donate can encourage patrons to be more active in your fundraising campaign. Creative and eye-catching mailers can serve as a reminder to donate again or to let donors know how you are utilizing their money.

Offer Specific Information about Your Cause

People are motivated to donate to urgent causes, especially if they can see exactly how the money is being spent.  Offer specific details about where the money will be going and follow up with donors if applicable. For example, if you are having an event, let people know that their donations are going toward medical research, care of animals, support of low income mothers or some other specific area of need.

Speak with Urgency

Speak with a sense of urgency so that people will feel more compelled to donate. People are more apt to donate to your fundraiser if they see that you need the donations right away, otherwise they will procrastinate, even if they are interested in your cause.

Make a Video

Posting a video online or distributing a video to your patrons can help you to raise awareness. Sometimes, people just need a visual image to get them more involved.

Always Say Thank You

After your fundraiser campaign, find creative ways to thank those who donated to your cause. Send out a thoughtful mailer, update your status or just shake their hand. This small gesture can go a long way!

A successful fundraising campaign begins with the initial planning process. At Direct Axis, our team of designers and researchers will brainstorm your ideas and audience, creating engaging mailers that will help your audience to take notice of your campaign and donate to the cause. As an agency, we work to develop new techniques and methods to bring success to your direct mail fundraising campaign efforts. Contact the team at Direct Axis today and get started towards your successful fundraising campaign.