10 Steps to a Successful Fundraiser

There are several fun and interesting ways to help boost your fundraiser campaigns. A successful fundraising campaign is more than a way to acquire donations for your organization, but it also improves your brand authority. Many organizations and events are completely reliant on the success of their fundraising campaign, so we suggest using these tips to help you run a successful fundraising campaign.

Start Before You Need the Money

Never wait until the last minute when it comes to a successful fundraiser. It takes time and effort to set up and manage a proper fundraising campaign.

Connect Online and Offline

One mistake that many fundraising campaigns make is that they focus on one or two campaign methods. Diversify your efforts to see larger and more frequent donations.

Build a Brand

One of the first rules of advertising is to build up your brand. You will want everyone to know that you are seeking donations. If you are raising money for a specific cause, your brand should be easily identifiable. When people think of the cause, they should think of you.

Create a Website for Your Cause

Even if you plan on focusing on car washes and bake sales, creating a simple website that allows for online donations can give you a big boost. Plus, you will have a space to advertise any offline events you are hosting.

Embrace Social Media

Not only should your fundraiser and cause have dedicated social media accounts, you should discuss the importance of sharing with your group. The more people sharing your message, the faster it will spread.

Create a Mailing List

Having colorful mailers sent to the homes of people who donate can encourage patrons to be more active in your fundraising campaign. Creative and eye-catching mailers can serve as a reminder to donate again or to let donors know how you are utilizing their money.

Offer Specific Information about Your Cause

People are motivated to donate to urgent causes, especially if they can see exactly how the money is being spent.  Offer specific details about where the money will be going and follow up with donors if applicable. For example, if you are having an event, let people know that their donations are going toward medical research, care of animals, support of low income mothers or some other specific area of need.

Speak with Urgency

Speak with a sense of urgency so that people will feel more compelled to donate. People are more apt to donate to your fundraiser if they see that you need the donations right away, otherwise they will procrastinate, even if they are interested in your cause.

Make a Video

Posting a video online or distributing a video to your patrons can help you to raise awareness. Sometimes, people just need a visual image to get them more involved.

Always Say Thank You

After your fundraiser campaign, find creative ways to thank those who donated to your cause. Send out a thoughtful mailer, update your status or just shake their hand. This small gesture can go a long way!

A successful fundraising campaign begins with the initial planning process. At Direct Axis, our team of designers and researchers will brainstorm your ideas and audience, creating engaging mailers that will help your audience to take notice of your campaign and donate to the cause. As an agency, we work to develop new techniques and methods to bring success to your direct mail fundraising campaign efforts. Contact the team at Direct Axis today and get started towards your successful fundraising campaign.